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EMDR Therapy

Trauma can take many forms, from a single, painful event to ongoing abusive treatment and even neglect.  Pioneered in the late 20th century, EMDR Therapy is an evidence-based approach to deal with past trauma that has been approved by the American Psychological Association, as well as the Veteran's Administration.


Our first priority will be to explore how you think and feel about looking at your past trauma.  We will then build skills so you feel secure in looking back at painful past experiences.

Once we have resources in place for you to handle any difficult emotions or thoughts that come up, we will begin exploring and addressing the past event(s), with a plan in place for finding relief.  


We cannot change the past, but EMDR Therapy has a proven track record of helping all kinds of people adjust their relationship to their past in a way that reduces emotional upset and improves one’s ability to move forward.

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